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Specialised in consulting and assistance, SEMACO is an independent consulting company assisting various industries and professional associations in their environnemental affairs and decision-making.


Hence, thanks to the combination of our expertise and experience we provide our customized services in the field of environmental diagnosis, management and the follow-up of administrative and technical problems. Relying on a network composed of other technical partner companies we manage to take into account the overall environmental, legal and economic aspects of several fields in a balanced way: water, air, polluted sites and soils, waste, environmental installations, noise, health impact, smell, renewable energy ressources, sustainable developement.

This multi-disciplinary approach is the cornerstone of our general environmental philosophy, underpinned by acknowledged methods, with the help of which we can customize our solutions respecting natural environments, populations and industries.

ln case there is no available and adaptable technical solution in the market, our Customers can undermine our Research and Development potential tailored to their needs.